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Game Night--Rogue Trader (May 5th, 2012) or Wow, Am I Behind

My character profiles by request last weekend put me behind a bit in my blogging, and it's been a busy week, so I'm going to try and stick to the highlights to get back on track.  That having been said, those profiles were a lot of fun to write, and gave me some things to discuss with the players in my game, so it was completely worth the time and effort.  Hope the .3499 people that read this besides people in my games enjoyed them . . . ;)

Into the Void

The group started off flying into the narrow passage through the warp that leads to Footfall, a rather seedy little planet that is usually the main stop off point in the Koronus Expanse.  Not a nice place, almost a hive of scum and villainy, from a certain point of view.

There is also a big Adpetus Mechanicus station in the system to study the system's star, and that was the first point of interest for the group.  Our intrepid Rogue Trader talked to the Adeptus Mechanicus about refitting the raider hulk that the group pulled out of the warp, and the Magos wanted to view the Lux Invictus, it being a Reliquary of Mars and all.

This led to our Explorator having to give a report of how the ship is being kept up, and the Explorator trying to keep the visitors from noticing any of the signs of Ork habitation.  He also had to explain the comments made by his ladder climbing underling, Engineseer Galt.  In order to file his report, he basically stole Galt's notes and switched the proper names involved in the report.

On Footfall itself, the party spread out, trying to find some stuff to buy, and set up a meeting with their Stryxis contact through a rogue psyker that acts as a networking service for the less savory elements on Footfall.  While waiting, an Imperial Warship and a Rak'gol ship crashed into one of the planetoids lashed together in Footfall's structure.

The group, in order to maintain goodwill, sprung into action evacuation civilians, blowing up bridges to keep the Rak'gol from spreading from their ship, and securing the area.  This was done using the system in the Rogue Trader book that measures successes on longer term efforts.  This works fine.

Then the group decided to help out the Storm Warden Space Marines fighting the Rak'gols, because, hey, who doesn't want a Space Marine chapter to owe you a solid?

I had already decided to use the "simple" version of mass combat in the rules, which resolves a lot like the extended tasks system  (in other words, finishing the objective requires X number of successes, and your number of successes on a relevant check counts towards this, except in mass combat, you take wounds if you were unsuccessful).

Needless to say, our crew could justify a lot of good skills for the fight, and not a single member of the crew was injured in mass combat with a ship full of some of the most feared Xenos in the Koronus Expanse.  I need to review to make sure I didn't miss something, but this just didn't sit right with me.  I'm perfectly happy with how everything unfolded from the standpoint of the story, as the point wasn't to try and kill anyone on the crew, but a few bumps and bruises, or a least some way to model the Rak'gol's fear rating would have been nice.

At first blush it almost reminds me of Savage Worlds Deluxe's mass combat, except in that system, you have to score a really impressive success before you don't take any wounds in a "round" of combat.  In other words, you get your successes to count, but unless you succeed spectacularly, you are still going to be injured.

At any rate, the Space Marines were aided, the Rak'gol's were mopped up, and the meeting with the Stryxis went off.  The Stryxis tells the group that he was sure they would turn on the Eldar, and that he was amazed that they didn't try to double cross them, then laughed that his duplicity against the Eldar still caused the Eldar demise, and reiterated his hatred of Eldar.

He then dropped the rumor that the planet with the artifact that they are looking for, with the Chaos worshiping raiders, might also have a downed Black Ship that was visiting a far colonial settlement in the Koronus Expanse.

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . our Arch Militant stole Sacris Claymores off a few dead Space Marines so that the Ogryn and the Ork could have really big swords.  Made worse only by the fact that the Ork promptly chopped the claymore up to add more spikes to his claw.

There are a metric ton of leads for the group to follow up on, and they have some ongoing endeavours running in the background, so it should be fun to see where this goes from here.

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