Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Ever Have One of Those Things That You Can't Put Your Finger On? (Kickstarter Burnout)

A few year ago, when I first saw a gaming project funded by Kickstarted, I thought it was a cool idea.  The game in question looked slick and professional, but was being made by one guy, so it seemed like it would be hard for him to get off the ground on his own.  It all made perfect sense, and seemed like a cool way to get the game development underway.

Now, a few years later, I can't put my finger on it, but Kickstarter gaming projects annoy me.  I don't blame anyone for using the resource.  It's not entirely rational on my part.  It is just that every time I see a new gaming project on Kickstart, it's just static.  It's white noise now.

I know there are good games on Kickstarter.  I know that are several that I'll likely check out when and if they get published.  But right now, it just seems like it's hard to sort out the "I'm serious, and I've got some good ideas and a good foundation, and I just need to know I have the funding," from "I woke up and thought this would be a good idea, money would be cool to have."

Please don't take this as any kind of jab at anyone using Kickstarter.  It's just the mental static that the word engenders in my brain now.  I can't even put in the effort to check out something on Kickstarter now because EVERYTHING is on Kickstarter.

It reminds me of the height of OGL games.  Some products were really cool and interesting, but eventually, too much used the exact same system, and too much stuff that used that system were  underwhelming, and it meant that anything that was OGL was a little tainted by the potential for generic crappiness.

This is probably the wave of the future.  I probably need to get over it.  But for now I don't think I'm going to do much in the way of backing anything, until I can back it by purchasing a completed product.

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