Sunday, June 10, 2012

Game Night: Rogue Trader--The Two Shots Heard Round the World (June 10th, 2012)

I left my Rogue Trader group in fairly dire straights last session.  They tried to walk out of the Khorne fortress they were in, and ran smack dab into a heavy weapons team.  I was very worried about the group getting wiped out, but it actually didn't go too badly, because I forgot about a very important force in the 40K universe.  Chaos.

No, not the ruinous powers.  The randomness of dice.  The first action of the Arch-Militant was to fire both of his pistols and dive for cover.  He scored a righteous fury  (a critical hit in other systems, for those not versed in 40K isms), and drove one of the guys with the rocket launcher into critical damage.

Which in this case caused his ammo to go up, which affected his buddies, which caused their ammo to go up . . . rinse, repeat.

At the end of the fight, two of the PCs were down and had to burn fate points  (again, for the 40K uninitiated, that means they would be dead if they didn't have fate points to burn), but all of the bad guys were dead, and the ork and the Explorator . . . got better.

The Astropath picked up some very bad ju ju from outer space, in the form of a Chaos Sorcerer on it's way to the planet, but the group still risked running into the Spiky One by evacuating several surviving settlements on the planet, thus increasing their profit factor for this mission.

This particular encounter taught us two things:

1.  The spiky bits on Chaos stuff are antennae so that Choas gets better reception in space.

2.  It's very easy for an Astropath to forget what universe they are in  ("Lord Captain, I sense a disturbance" . . . "you were going to say 'in the Force' weren't you?")

They also picked up on a treasure map where the pirates were hiding their booty before they became more chaos obsessed.

Oh, and an inquisitor has been stowing away on the ship and wants Acrisius the Explorator to spy on the Rogue Trader and his family for the inquisition, and has more or less promised him the ship if he digs up enough dirt.

Extremely fun session.  I had a blast and I hope that my players all enjoyed it as well.

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