Saturday, June 2, 2012

Game Night--Rogue Trader: What's Behind Door Number 2? (June 2nd, 2012)

A little bit behind on my Game Night posts, so for those of you that care, we'll kick things off with the Rogue Trader game from the previous Thursday night.

The crew had left off right in front of a fortress manned by Raiders of Khorne, pirate corrupted by Chaos.  The group saw that the place was heavily fortified, and they noticed a Khorne baddie throwing bodies to some natives of the planet.

The crew blew the Hell out of the Khorne Raider  (see, it doesn't look as bad as it sounds when you spell it out), and then went to talk to the natives.

At this point, I'll point out that the team could have done all kinds of skill based stuff to track the back to one of the "back doors" to the base, but instead, the ork pressed a button on the Landspeeder and sent it careening off the side of a cliff.  Thankfully the Arch-Militant caught him with his whip.  Which would have been painful for anyone but the ork.

The group found a native population cut off from the Imperium by Warp Storms hundreds of years ago, had some communication problems, and had to corner them after the ork scared them off trying to talk to them.  Eventually they were convinced that the Emperor was the Sky Father that the natives worshiped, thanks to the Astropath, and Rogue Trader struck a deal with the natives to take his tribe with him off world if they showed the crew the secret passage into the fortress.

The secret passage led to the "mutant pits," which caused a corruption check.  Fun!  Plus, even though the group was horrible at sneaking, they killed the "boss" in charge of the pits, and the Flesh Hounds of Khorne don't have hands to press the button to let them go up the ramps to kill the party!

Eventually, the group made their way up to the "interrogation room" where the pskyers were being held.  A dozen of the bad guys, an artifact that nullifies Warp based powers, and a psyker that apparently is needed to activate the artifact.  The Astropath drops during the fight, due to being cut off from his powers, and the prudent course of action?

Kill the psyker.  Usually the wisest thing to do in a 40K RPG.

So the bad guys  (and one "innocent") were killed, the artifact was retrieved, and the party just needs to get out of the fortress and back to their ship.  This is made even more important once the party learns that the rest of the Khorne pirates  (again, it reads better than it sounds out loud) left to bait their rivals back to the planet so that they could use their secret weapon against them.

So the party could go back through the mutant pits, and avoid most fights, but then suffer some more potential corruption, or they could perhaps find the back door through the motor pool that they didn't find back when they killed the single Khorne raider previously.

However, the course of action chosen?

Let's go out the front door.  You know, the one with the heavily fortified positions, and the guys with heavy weapons.  Yeah, that one.

Step one?  Run into an altar to Khorne used for blessing weapons . . . in the armory!  Do you know what happens when you fire a weapon into a Krak missile in an armory?  The same thing that happens to everything else!  (That line never gets any better)

The altar and the armory goes up in a spectacular explosion, and takes out a handful of guards before they can act, but then leaves the party with a dozen heavily armed and armored Khorne worshiping pirates just not turning to fire on the PCs.

Good place for a cliffhanger, says I!


  1. First off I would just like to say that for the first time ever the interwebs have let me down. I went looking for a picture of a corn pirate (because if it sounds like it, lets just embrace it)...and google failed me. I have searched for something that there are no pictures of. I think I broke it.

    Also, yeah I totally thought the heavy weapons at the front were heavy weapon emplacements and those rarely can spin 180 and shoot at what they are protecting...oops.

  2. Yeah, if I had realized that you were counting on mounted weaponry (which is reasonable), I would have given you guys a check to let you see if you noticed the folks milling about with their weapons, all mobile like.