Saturday, June 2, 2012

Game Night: Shackled City Epilogue One Shot (June 2nd, 2012)

Our regular GM for the Shackled City campaign we have been playing set up a one shot to close the storyline before he moved on from the group.  Because we all threatened him with an all cleric party a few times, our pregens were all clerics that were warned by our gods about the bad stuff that happened because our regular characters TPKed back when they did.

In a shocking turn of events, Cauldron, the city built on a dormant volcano, has erupted.  None of us saw that coming.  Well, we did, but nevermind.  Cauldron is all erupty, and we approach the damned city, knowing there is some evil that our collective gods were concerned about.  There is a dragon circling around the city chasing quasits.

Another party might actually ask questions, but our dwarven cleric of Torm decided insult the dragon and force it to attack us.  Given the logic of building a city in a volcano, taunting a red dragon to attack us makes perfect sense.  Out of character we started taking bets on how many rounds before things went south.

Round one:  none of us could get to the dragon, which landed on the city walls.  His breath weapon didn't kill any of us . . . except my poor ranger/cleric's animal companion, who, oddly, failed his reflex save.  Bitey went away, I mourned, then shot a bunch of arrows that did no damage.

By round four, our dwarven cleric was dead, but we actually had the dragon dead soon after, and a timely Breath of Life kept the dwarf from moving beyond the "Mostly Dead" stage.

Inside the ruined city, we ran into a tiefling and two iron golems.  One of our clerics had a gauntlet that cast rusting touch and cackles.  It cackled a lot in this encounter.  As did I, when I got to massively perforate the tiefling, since the ranger half of my levels has evil outsider as it's favored enemy.

We save a noble, find out where the big bad is at, and find a massive construct tree with cages and people in them, and there is a monologue somewhere that sounds like "I'm evil, shoot me with your bow," until the magic words come up that the people in the tree are powering some kind of planar inversion thingie that will do bad things that involve Demon Lords and Evil Gods.

Well, even though my character is good, my god just talked to me not long ago and told me how important all of this stuff was.  Thousands and thousands of lives and maybe the world itself at stake.  Immediately I was reminded of the immortal words of the elven philosopher Leon'ard of NiMoy, who said . . . "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

I'm not sure what it is about this campaign that brings out the extreme pragmatist in us, but apparently we all got the idea that the surest way to save the world would be to kill off the prisoners powering the magical tree construct thingie.  So the slaughter of innocents began.  Sad really, but we saved the planet, so our whole karmic thing should be okay, right?

Mister Rusty Glove killed the metal tree.  Then one of the evil baddies turned into a beholder and disintegrated our rusty glove cleric.  After singing a round of "Dust in the Wind" to mark his passing, we killed the beholder, and then found out one of the innocents was partially possessed by an evil god before we killed the whole slew of them, and we got to kill the orphan a second time.

Plus, the orphan counted as an evil outsider, so I got my favored enemy bonus!

Orphans vanquished, the world was saved, and we could start planning for our next campaign.  The next game is going to involved a post apocalyptic version of Golarion with all of us playing godlings more or less conceived to save the world.   My godling will be the son of Kurgess, god of strength and competition, and he shall sound like Randy Savage.

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