Saturday, July 7, 2012

Game Night--"Here We Are, Destined to Be Kings, We're the Princes of the Universe!" Pathfinder RPG (July 7th, 2012)

Nope, that song didn't come up in the Pathfinder session.  We didn't particularly live up to being Princes of the Universe either, but I had the song in my head, so you're stuck with the title.  Apologies if the build up ruins the recap for your . . . ;)

Our band of godlings god schooled at the monastery, learned about the greater world and vague notions of when and how demons and undead popped up everywhere, and we learned that our order of monks that are feeding us information and other things were established at the beginning of this whole mess and don't know much about what's going on in the current world.  They also seem to have been magically cut off from the brunt of it to await our coming.

We found out about a town that they used to trade with, that survived the initial onslaught, but that hasn't be heard from for a while, so we decided to head that direction.  We also ran into another godling on our way out, a daughter of Sarenrae the goddes of fire and the Sun.

Immediately our Asmodean scion took a liking to her, and began referring to her as his consort, then future queen, and showing her a whole lot more respect than the rest of the party has garnered thus far.

On our way to the town, we saw that there will be a rather nasty bit of the journey through a tunnel that will be pitch black for a few days, but before we got there, we ran into a river drake  (i.e. little dragon, little being a relative term) that liked to spit acidic mucus as us.

The rest of the party effectively dealt with said monster while I swam back and forth across the river to catch something that could fly and move much faster than I could swim.  It's okay, though, because when the rest of the party had driven it off, I used my ability to taunt it to convince it to come back and fight me.  I nearly got myself and our goblin friend drowned, but I did managed to kill it, then failed to drag it's corpse from the river depths  (about 10 feet, go figure), but eventually we had dragon flank steak.

Once we were in the tunnel, we realized that the majority of the party has a low wisdom score.  We have few light sources, and halfway through the tunnel, we were mauled by small, smelly, ragged creatures that I know were dark creepers but that poor Mario  (my character) has no idea about.

Because we are dumb  (at least those of us that can't see in the dark), we are now camping in the pitch black after getting savaged by the little balls of dirty laundry.  Fun times!

I had a blast chasing after the drake, and trying to make sure that I didn't know anything that poor Mario didn't know.  I'll likely get killed because of it, but I'm having a lot of fun with this character.

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