Friday, August 10, 2012

Consternation and Regret . . .

I've been out of the Pathfinder game for a while.  Grids, minis, ever expanding rules, and a loss of the original "magic" just kind of wore thin, despite still being better than the end point of 3.5.  It's not universal.  I like parts of it, and I know it serves a lot of gamers well.

That having been said, there is a lot of quality and interesting work done for the game, and once in a while, I regret not running it.

I think one of the things that burned me out was that I was trying to be as open to the new "official" releases as possible and not limiting options for the players.  Sometimes you forget that as a GM, you need to have some fun as well, and sometimes that fun is in coming up with concepts and boundaries.

Boundaries need to be things that your players can still have fun with, obviously.  I have to say that I was having a lot of fun with the all Godling campaign that HangedFool was running  (or is, continuing to run, without my participation at the moment).

With that though firmly in mind, I found another installment of Super Genius Games Anachronistic Adventurers supplements on RPG Now, and it made me think . . . wouldn't it be fun to run an adventure path will all characters that come from Earth, in modern times?  Everyone would need to start off as one of the Anachronistic Adventurer classes.

This gets me to wondering about what adventure path would be good for dropping a party of lost modern day adventurers trapped in another world?  I wouldn't want to try Fire Mountain Games' Way of the Wicked AP, since a lot of the emphasis is playing standard fantasy with non-standard characters  (i.e. villains).

So I'm wondering what APs might be good to throw at hapless characters from Earth.

This also gets me to wondering about my post on class and level, and how spread out they are, and gets me to thinking about how much filler there is even in a good AP, but that's a post for another day.

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