Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And Now My Failure Is Complete . . .

I thought my deliberating about whether or not to buy the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG was over when I saw that the beta was sold out on Fantasy Flight's website.  Then I found out that the FLGS was just now getting the shipment of books that they had ordered.

I would like to say that I deliberated, but my panic over the thought that I wouldn't get a shot at looking at these rules took over, and I zipped over to the FLGS and picked up my copy before it was sold out.

I still think that it's a massive mistake for Lucasfilm not to allow for PDFs of their RPG books.  I still think in this day and age PDF support is really important.  However, I've had this stupid Star Wars addiction since I was three years old.  Keeping me away from Star Wars is like keeping me away from Batman or Spider-Man.

I'm weak.

Haven't looked at the book too much, thus far, except to not that it is yet another really beautiful book for "only" being a Beta.  I also noticed that hyperspace travel seems to match the movies and the Clone Wars animated series much more than the "old standard" that was established by the WEG d6 Star Wars RPG.

Also, there is a talent called Utinni!

Man I wish there was a PDF of this.  Still, I had to buy this to justify buying the Star Wars dice app.


  1. Weak! Weak as water! Err, was Dave sold out? Not that I really care...or anything. Yeah, that's it.


  2. Not that it matters,of course, but there was still one there when I left . . . ;)