Saturday, September 1, 2012

This Looks Like a Really Good Follow Up

It's a testament to the coolness of an idea and the reputation of a given group of people that even though I really don't want to play Pathfinder these days, I keep coming back to a couple of companies wishing that I could tinker a bit with Pathfinder to make it more to my taste, just so that I could use these products.

The particular product that makes me think this these days is the newly announced adventure path from Fire Mountain Games.

Their Way of the Wicked campaign has been really solid thus far.  I've enjoyed all of the storylines, the "mini-game" concepts, and the presentation for that AP up to this point, and it's because of that solid track record that I think they can actually pull off this next concept.

Throne of Night is an adventure path that Fire Mountain Games has billed as a cross between Second Darkness and Kingmaker, i.e. a campaign whose whole point is to explore and conquer "the Dark."  It is also suppose to be framed so that you can play the "good" side as dwarves, or the "bad" side as the

Which means even if I'm not playing Pathfinder, I may still end up buying these adventures.

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