Sunday, October 14, 2012

Studio Update

It's been a hectic weekend, and I haven't gotten much game or geek related to comment on due to said busy schedule, but eventually I'll get last Thursday's game recap posted, along with the link to the video of that session.

However, speaking of the video for that session, I wanted to make a quick post about my "studio."  It should be no surprise to anyone that has seen any of the videos that I run these sessions from my laundry room.

The laundry room is at the back of the house, so I'm not bothering anyone else, and there is an old computer desk there that has enough room for me to spread out my gaming material.  That having been said, I didn't think that people wanted to see my laundry room week after week  (I'm still not sure how long it will take for my own visage to scare them off).  Thus, I added a bit more to the "studio."

It was really simple actually.  I went to the local office store and picked up some of the cheaper display boards.  You can get the nice, solid foam ones, but if you are cheap like me, you can also score four of the flimsier black/white boards and get four of them around $12.

If you connect two of them top to bottom (I just used a cheap $3 roll of shipping tape), and unfold them side by side, you get a six foot tall screen behind you that is about three and a half feet wide with the panels slightly folded, and you end up with either a black "wall" behind you or a white one, depending on what you get and how you set it up.

I'm much happier having an official backdrop, and I'm thinking of finding some thematic items to hang off of them depending on what I'm running.

If you happen to see the video, take a look at the newest session and let me know what you think of the backdrop.

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