Sunday, December 16, 2012

No, Really, I'm Still Here

Despite not being able to do my Google+ gaming that I had grown so very fond of, gaming hasn't been bad at all lately, what with my Edge of the Empire group that I'm playing in, and my awesome Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign that just kicked off, and getting to hang around and watch the X-Wing Kessel Run tournament at the FLGS yesterday.

However, despite having a wonderful gaming life at the moment  (and potentially good news on the internet gaming side of things, but I don't want to jinx anything or actually get ahead of myself with the plan making), the holidays are kicking my backside as far as setting aside time to blog.

Having a son coming home from his latest tour of duty, and my dear wife leaving to fetch him home, as left me supreme commander of Christmas decorations and preparation, a task for which I am woefully under qualified, especially when we have hiccups like none of the lights working . . . at all, and apparently I should know to check my lights before December 16th, when apparently all of the store decide they don't need to restock them.

Long story short, the holidays are hectic, and I'm still working until this Friday, thus, my synopsis of the "great but not nearly as lethal as it should have been" DCC session of Sailors on the Starless Sea and probably the upcoming session recap of the adventures of Gand, Crime Accountant, might be a tad bit late.

Don't forget I'm here, I promise I'm still lurking on the interwebs, waiting to blog-strike.

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