Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm Feeling Less Charitable Than Usual (Marvel Heroic)

I loved Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

Despite initially announcing that there would be "at least" three events and supplemental books for each, we never really even got two.

I didn't like it when WOTC claimed licence fee woes with Star Wars, and I don't like it now that MWP is doing it with Marvel.  I'm not saying the costs aren't a challenge, but it's also a cheap way of throwing the heat onto another company when you don't want to keep producing a given line.

When you haven't put out a physical book since September of last year, it seems a little strange to claim that a line isn't performing as well as you had hoped.  I'm betting the original business plan called for actually selling physical copies of books at intervals that aren't measured in years.

DC Adventures Universe

Maybe I'm just a bit sensitive because this seems to be the opposite of what happened to Green Ronin, who seemed to be doing all of the heavy lifting when DC couldn't be bothered to actually okay the products that they had to approve.  I hate to see Marvel get painted with the "uncaring evil money grubbing corporation" brush when they seemed to have stellar approval times compared to DC.

MWP hasn't said anything directly accusatory or derogatory towards Marvel, but sometimes less is more.  If you don't want to say that a line underperformed because you couldn't make it happen the way you thought you could, fine, but don't talk about how a line is underperforming when you can't get the product into stores to perform one way or another.

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