Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Excerpt from the Next Blockbuster Game Related Fiction Novel: The Change Plague Reversal--Volume One; The Rulebook of Fate!

The following is an excerpt from the exciting new novel, The Rulebook of Fate.  Leading up to this scene we've found out that Bhaine, has replaced the Tablets of Fate with the Rulebook of Fate.  When the Rulebook of Fate threatens to go out of print, all of reality could fail.  So our hero, Drysst, steals a copy of the Playtest of Fate, and attempts to replace the Rulebook of Fate with the Playtest rules, in order to buy reality just a little bit more time, until the designers . . . er . . . gods can stabilize the foundations of the multiverse.

Bhaine bellowed and he fell down, defeated.  The dying god screamed in agony and snorted out one final incredulous statement.

"I'm a god!  How did you manage to kill me?"

Drysst, who was very sorry about all of the violence that he had just committed even though he was very good at it and actually got pretty excited while in the act of committing said violence, shook his head sadly, but also introspectively.

"You forgot that in the Rulebook of Fate, everything has stats, and my companions and I have maxed out our levels.  You had to be balanced as an epic level encounter, and that meant that no matter how old and powerful you might be . . . you only have so many hit points."

With that, Bhaine breathed his last.  Although before he breathed his last, he did think to himself that he died one other time messing with the underlying rules of the universe, and then got to come back in a completely unexplained manner, so maybe he'd just rest up for a few decades.  But for now he was definitely dead and gone forever.

Drysst grabbed the rapidly decaying Rulebook of Fate from the pedestal, and reality became dim.  Everything was starting to fade away.  Then he took out the printed out playtest document he had stolen from the Place Beyond.  He moved his feet to the side, and braced himself, rolled one way, then the other.  The playtest document snapped to a guard position, then swept out wide, and inscribed an arc on the way to the pedestal.

"What are you doing?  Just put it on the damn pedestal!"  Callie-Braul cried out to him.  She was extremely beautiful and yet independent and capable as she cried out.

"Sorry, usually when I do something pivotal to the story, it has to do with my swords, and I use pretty much that exact same routine every time," Drysst answered.  Then he set the playtest document down.  Reality began to brighten, slightly.  But there was a shudder that ran through the entire universe.  Like an earthquake, but all over, and also affecting the underlying rules of the universe.  That kind of earthquake.

Drysst relaxed when the quaking stopped.  Then his eyes widened.  His purple eyes. The ones that made him seem like a good guy instead of those nasty evil red eyes that the rest of the Dark Elves had.

"What's wrong?"

"Can you perform your Ricochet Arrow attack?"

"Of course not, we're not in combat."

"Here, I'll pretend to threaten you," and Drysst ran through his impressive routine of footwork and swordplay that despite being the same pattern he always used seemed to represent the greatest swordplay in the known multiverse.

Callie-Braul fired at the rock near him.  The arrow stuck.  It didn't bounce off.

"Why didn't that work?"

"Because . . . I think I just destroyed encounter powers!"


The Company of FriendFellows was nearly out of the Cave of Infinite Planar Redefinition, when they noticed the great blue dragon known as ElectroZeus, in defiance of any of the naming conventions that other dragons in other stories in this setting have ever utilized.

Callie-Braul looked at Drysst, still amazingly competent and beautiful, but also a little worried.

"Can we still take on a dragon?"

"I don't know.  If I still had my encounter powers, and maybe a daily to throw into this, we might have a chance.  But now my swords only do damage along a limited statistical range for each attack, unless I managed to crit the beast.  And who knows how that works these days?"

Callie-Braul sighed in that way that only tough but still ultimately feminine warriors could, and said, "maybe we should have read through that Playtest better before we started this adventure."

Be sure to pick up the complete series to find out if our heroes survive, and what direction their armor class moves when they get better armor!

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