Saturday, March 1, 2014

Future Gaming in 2014

At some point, I'm going to post my thoughts on running Edge of the Empire, between the Beta and an additional 23 sessions of the game, as well as my thoughts on running two bi-weekly interconnected games.  It was an interesting experience and I really am still digging the system quite a bit.

However, this year I'm doing something I have been thinking about doing for years.  I'm going to give up gaming for Lent.  So this year, no reading, playing, or planning any video, card, board, or roleplaying games during Lent.  I'm still leaving myself an out to talk about RPGs if other people bring them up, because last year I attempted to not even talk about comic books, and, yeah, that was hard.

The Thursday night vacuum that I'm leaving at Armored Gopher Games will be filled by one of my players running 13th Age, using their organized play program, and another player, from whom I got the GM talking stick during the EotE Beta, running Age of Rebellion.

When I get back into gaming after April 20th, I'll be playing in both games so as to relax and recharge a bit when it comes to the old GM juice  (although I have to say I am the least depleted after running this system than I have been when a campaign ended in a long time).

I may go "dark" on the blog for a while, but there are some other geeky things coming up that I'm sure I won't be able to resist posting about even before Lent is over.  The final season of Clone Wars will be out on Netflix  (if I can stand the super low res we get from our cable company and the constant streaming interruption), and Captain America:  The Winter Soldier  (and the reopening of the Harvest Moon Drive-In in the spring) is coming up.

Because I'm sure spring is out there.  Somewhere.  It has to be out there.


  1. So, wait, who's running 13th Age at the Gopher?

    1. Christopher is planning on running a game on Thursday nights when I was running the Team Besh EotE game.

  2. Grumble grumble work schedule. I'm glad you keep doing this, because I get to actually heckle you almost never nowadays.

    I want to see these games being run (and, y'know, actually play in an RPG).

    *sigh* C'est la vie.