Saturday, April 19, 2014

Other Geekdom Pursuits

So, my 40 days of avoiding gaming of all stripes is nearly over.  But I'm too much of a geek to go totally without any form of geekdom.  I'm just not wired that way.  So how does a gamer keep keep his head above water with geeky pursuits while avoiding gaming?


  • Finished the audiobook for Star Wars Annihilation
  • Finished the audiobook for Star Wars Revan
  • Finished the audiobook for Star Wars Honor Among Thieves
  • Finished the audiobook for the novelization for Star Wars Episode III--Revenge of the Sith
  • Finished the audiobook for Furies of Calderon
  • Started reading ebook of Star Wars Choices of One  (not finished)
  • Started reading ebook of Death's Angels  (not finished)
  • Started reading ebook of The Weight of Blood  (not finished)
  • Started reading actual book of Fortress Draconis  (not finished)
  • Continued reading actual book Horus Heresy False Gods  (not finished)
Note:  Not finishing a book has nothing to do with the quality of the book or my enjoyment of said book.  If you gave me 20 new books, by the end of the week I would likely have started all 20 of them, until I finally get fed up with myself and force myself to focus on one instead of going round robin on all of them.

Comic Books

  • Read the series Star Wars Agent of the Empire--Hard Targets
  • Reread Rat Queens up to the current issue
  • Read Age of Ultron, found out that if I went back in time to keep myself from reading it I could cause Image comics characters to shift into this reality, decided against it
  • Read all issues of All New X-Men currently on Marvel Unlimited
  • Read all issues of the current Avengers series on Marvel Unlimited

Captain America--The Winter Soldier.  If I watched anything else, it didn't stay with me.


  • Caught up with Agents of SHIELD online
  • Watched season six of the Clone Wars on Netflix
  • Watched all five seasons of Fringe on Amazon Prime
  • Watched season one of Defiance on Amazon Prime
  • Watched Wrestlemania  (I've got a whole blog post percolating about storytelling lessons learned from sports entertainment)
So, that was the geekier side of my last 40+ days.  I haven't cracked an RPG book or started up a video game for quite a while.  But I know where all of my books are, and my controller is within easy reach.

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