Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hey You . . . yeah, you, over there, still following . . .

I am so far behind on blogging about nearly anything to do with gaming.  While I haven't GM'd since my Dark Heresy game ended  (sadly), I have been playing quite a bit. 

In recent weeks I've gotten to play my Llaelese noble alchemist in an Iron Kingdoms game, started playing my Werewolf the Forsaken character Len Vincent  (and played a version of the World of Darkness games for the first time ever), and have continued to play Crow, the goliath gladiator monk ninja in the FLGS D&D Encounters game I have been in.

But someday, when I figure out what is going on in the nebulous mists of real life, I really, really need to get back to running games.

1 comment:

  1. Here Here! I need to get time off of work to play in one of your games!

    Then again, I'd just like to sit at a gaming table with you to hang out and have fun.