Monday, August 21, 2017

RPG A Day 2017--Day Twenty-One

Only ten more of these to go!

Let's jump into question number twenty-one of RPG A Day, and that question is:

What RPG Does The Most With The Least Words?

This is a really difficult question. If definitely seems to lean towards asking "what short form RPG is technically complete but way shorter than most RPGs," but its not quite that specific.

I guess it would be tempting to just pick a very short indie game and point out some of the really amazing play experiences that those games provide.

I haven't played nearly enough of those games to be fair to any of them, and I feel more like leaning into "what strikes a balance between being a relatively short game, but with a satisfying amount of content that allows for a good amount of versatile playtime."

As an aside, I'm increasingly playing the side-game known as, "how much can Jared rephrase these things to answer a different question than the one asked."

On that note, I'm going to give the nod to Fate Accelerated, because it's a pretty powerful set of rules for the number of pages used to detail those rules.

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